Review: Yoga bolster by #DoYourYoga

Looking for a decent Yoga bolster that won’t break the bank?

As lovely as it is to practise yoga freestyle on a beach or outside in the park, in reality a yoga teacher needs decent indoor equipment for their students. If you’re a yogi who’s wanting to teach Yin or Restorative styles, then a yoga bolster is an essential item on your shopping list.

During my twenty years-plus of being a yoga practitioner I’d tried many different bolsters in many different studios. However, when it came to establishing my own yoga business I was a bit overwhelmed with regards to which to buy – especially since I was buying in bulk, so I couldn’t afford to make a mistake.

I already had the red bolster above by Ekotex, which was outstanding in terms of:

  • High quality of materials:
    • Sturdiness and denseness/ heaviness of buckwheat stuffing. Inner bolster lining to add to its stability during use.
    • Cover material: 100% organic thick cotton, virtually indestructible and wonderfully washable. Fantastic colours available.
  • Having the option to remove inner stuffing if a more forgiving bolster was preferred.
  • Classic heavyweight yoga bolster measuring 61cm x 23cm and weighing just under 4kg

The Ekotex was similar to many classic yoga bolsters I’d used, being of excellent quality and therefore expense – £34.84 each excluding postage: ouch!

Unfortunately, this made bulk-buying Ekotex prohibitive for my ickle-pickle start-up yoga company, and anyway, due to my chronic pain I was after lighter bolsters that were easier to carry and more malleable: after all, the more bendy the bolster the more versatile in terms of use during class and for travel before and after!

Indeed, in my role as Undercover Bolster Tester in various yoga classes around Sussex, I tried a good many brands in order to work out which would give me what I wanted and which would be most cost-efficient. After a lot of brain-frying (not a yoga asana I’d recommend!) I settled on these babies by German Company #DoYourYoga Because, if it’s got a hashtag in the company name you know it’s gonna be awesome! #ironicstatement

Review arctic blue yoga bolster #DoYourYoga from amazon pillow best lightweight organic bolster
Arctic Blue yoga bolster containing organic spelt by #DoYourYoga

Anyway, thanks to some in-depth research (i.e. lying down on bolsters in various different yoga classes), I realised that despite the #teenagehashtag, each #DoYourYoga bolster was truly excellent, being:

  • Perfectly adequate mid-range quality of materials:
    • Filled with organic spelt hull, which is loosely packed and easy to move around.
    • Covered in simple, washable cotton, not heavyweight but still hard-wearing
    • Offered in a variety of colour options. However, unless you like pastels I’d skip the tones of ‘Pink’ (AKA washed-out orange) and ‘Violet’ (AKA insipid pink) which are truly Ugh (although, being a Colour Queen I do appreciate I’m probably the only person to nit-pick such non-essential details)!
  • With a zipped inner lining to add more spelt should you prefer a heavier, less flexible bolster.
  • 68cm x 22cm and just under 4kg #lightweight

In any yoga studio bolsters are going to be used carelessly and often, and so getting something absolutely perfect which was likely to be trashed fairly quickly was not essential for me (plus, I’m working on taming my non-yogic perfectionist streak, haha!). And did I mention each #DoYourYoga bolster cost £22.49?

Overall, despite the off-putting #hashtag surprisingly I’m really very happy with my (relatively speaking!) cheap and cheerful #DoYourYoga bolsters (think: IKEA standard). I genuinely wouldn’t swap them for the higher quality (think: Habitat level) Ekotex brand, simply because the #DoYourYoga bolsters are so much easier to lug around, even in the same studio. Not only that, but in my yoga classes I use them in so many more ways than I possibly could were I to have bought sturdier, more inflexible bolsters.

You can see the #DoYourYoga bolsters in action below, during a couple of my Colour Yoga Restorative Yoga classes on Sunday evenings:

The following prices are correct at time of publication:

DoYourYoga bolsters are currently available from Amazon for £22.49

Ekotex Yoga bolsters are currently available from Amazon for £34.84

Oh, and full-disclosure time: If you buy any products through the Amazon links above, I get a small commission which sends a little cash my way yet costs you nothing extra: it’s win-win for both of us!

Happy Colour Yoga-ing, My Lovelies!