About Colour Yoga

Colour Yoga is a blend of the most inspiring aspects of yoga Amber has experienced over the past two decades of being a yoga practitioner.

Suitable for adults of any age across all genders, it encompasses a palette of poses from a full spectrum of yogic styles. With the inclusion of eastern philosophies to ground and cement this modern take on a classical form, Colour Yoga offers an enjoyable exploration of yoga with an open-minded, all-embracing ethos.

Presented in Amber’s own colourful way, classes are informal and friendly with an interactive approach involving demonstrations, discussions and hands-on adjustments (if appropriate for the student).

Being naturally inflexible and with a history of ME/ CFS, Fibromyalgia chronic pain and Transverse Myelitis, Amber has a special interest in teaching ‘real yoga’ for ‘real bodies’. This enables her to address the concerns of beginner yogis whilst allowing more informed students the benefit of her training and experience.

Although the style of yoga may vary even within the same class, each session comprises a sequence – often stationary, occasionally flowing – carefully constructed around a given theme, ending with a guided savasana and meditation or Yoga Nidra.

Amber also offers private one-to-one lessons and group sessions in your home.

Please contact colour.yoga.com.uk@gmail.com for more information

About Amber

Abi Amber Colour Yoga Color Downward Dog PoseAmber was drawn to yoga almost twenty years ago as a counterpoint to her gym addiction and high-octane career in the music industry, where she worked as a journalist and TV Presenter.

Since then Amber has become a published author of fiction, and continues to write for lifestyle magazines as well as performing on stage at Shangri-La at the world-famous Glastonbury Festival every year.

Throughout these two decades, Amber’s one constant has been yoga in all its forms, beginning with Iyengar and following through the Hatha, Vinyasa, Vajrasati, Yin and Restorative yoga schools.

Each of these disciplines has helped Amber manage her various chronic health conditions, meaning that although often her everyday mobility may be compromised, during class her body remains as true as ever.

Studying with Unity Yoga in Brighton, Amber is insured to teach under the Independent Yoga Network.

Amber lives in Sussex, UK, and is married with two daughters.

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