Halloween Yoga is Here!

I always plan my yoga lessons around a theme – for example ‘chest-openers’ or ‘psoas stretches’ –  or base it around a particular pose, such as last Sunday’s class on the near-impossible Maksikanagasana Dragonfly (thankfully we were doing it in a restorative setting on the floor, supported with bolsters and blocks aplenty!).

It being Halloween today I’ve been planning tomorrow’s Wednesday morning class around the same subject, adapting the names of classic yoga poses to far scarier alternatives: begone Vrkasana Tree Pose and beware Haunted Forest!


Run away from the Utthitta hasta padangusthasana Hand To Big Toe Zombie, or your Ananda Balasana Happy Baby may just be turned into a Squashed Bug!

And of course there’s always Savasana Corpse Pose, which needs no adaptation for Halloween whatsoever… Muhahahahahahahahahaha!

So, be afraid: Be very, very afraid!*

*But um, also calm, obviously – this is yoga, after all 😉

Halloween Sequence Yoga Cat Pose Blog Image

^ Wot the Witch’s cat said ^


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