The Ultimate Yoga Glow

When teaching a Restorative Yin yoga class, there is nothing as rewarding as the moment at the end of the last, lovely long Savasana, when your students roll to one side and, after resting there a moment, slowly push themselves up to a seated position.

Rather than the pressures of daily life they inadvertently brought with them to the studio at the start of the session, little by little, asana by asana, the students have released the tension stored in their body.

The yogis in the class sit bleary-eyed and unfocussed, their skin shining, the lines on their face softened, looking newer somehow, and more fresh.

Shoulders once hunched up in desk-stress are now gently loosened and lowered. Body language speaks quietly of ultimate relaxation, of grounding and reconnection with the self.

At least that’s my experience of a successful Restorative Yin class from where I’m sitting. What’s yours?

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